A Guide to Legal Task Codes and the UTBMS

The Uniform Task-Based Management System, or UTBMS, is a group of codes that were created to become a standard for categorization to help in the billing and invoicing of legal work and expenses.  The UTBMS is used for all legal invoicing between law firms and corporations and goes hand-in-hand with LEDES Invoicing and are used when creating a LEDES file.

The tasks represent the type of fee that is being billed There are four main types of task codes along with activity codes that are used to further define the task that is being billed.  The four different types of tasks are:

  • Litigation
  • Counseling
  • Project
  • Bankruptcy

The tasks also are further defined by phases which help to categorize the fee to a greater extent.  So, a task that contains the same first letter and first number of another task would fall into the same phase.  The main phase does not need to be reported along with a specific task code as it can be deduced from the specific task code.  The specific task or the phase can be reported, and not all task types even have phases (counseling does not.)  So when reporting, chose the task code over the phase as it will be the most descriptive.

Here are the task code sets:

Activity codes support task codes and help define the exact task at hand.  These activity cods are used in collaboration with the specific task codes.  If you are using an activity code, an expense code is not required.

Here are the activity codes:

A set of expense codes also exists and is only used for expenses and are independent of task and activity codes.

Easy Legal Billing makes it simple to enter these codes to invoices.  Simply start typing the code type (L, C, P, B) and the various task codes will be shown for you for a quick reference and easy insertion:

This code preview  also applies to activities and expenses for easy entry:

So sign up for a free 30 day trial today to try our easy legal billing software or for even more information on legal codes and legal code sets see the American Bar Association.

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