LEDES Billing Software

Easy Legal Billing is a web based billing system that is not only easy to use, it's also the most comprehensive LEDES billing program on the market.

Beyond complying with LEDES, it is crucial to have LEDES billing software that keeps track of invoicing and creates on-demand LEDES invoices.

With an Easy Legal Billing account, law firms can log into the account from any internet-connected computer to generate and email invoices, PDF invoices, and LEDES formatted files.

Current LEDES Support

  • LEDES 1998B
    When sending invoices a LEDES 1998B file can be attached with the invoice, or you may download the file.
  • LEDES 1998BI / 1998BI V2
    When sending invoices a LEDES 1998BI file can be attached with the invoice, or you may download the file.
  • PDF Invoices
    Premium members can send PDF invoices with customizable logos in addition to LEDES files

Future LEDES Support

  • LEDES 2000
    The newer version of LEDES 2000 will be supported by Easy Legal Billing soon
  • XML E-Billing
    Support for this XML based LEDES format is coming soon
No Installation

No Installation

PC or Mac? Doesn't matter. There's no need for any software installation — just login to our app online. We said easy, remember?

Custom PDF Invoicing

Custom PDF Invoicing

Send clients custom PDF invoices for greater convenience. Upload your company's logo for a personalized feel.

access anywhere

Access Anywhere

Get full access to your invoices and data anywhere with a web browser and an Internet connection—including Smartphones.

Time-Tracking Desktop App

Time-Tracking Desktop App

Track your billable hours in real time with our Windows-based desktop app. Start the clock, stop the clock, and see the hours appear immediately in your invoice. Easy.

LEDES Compliant

LEDES Compliant

Looking specifically for LEDES billing? We meant it when we said it was easy. Our software supports LEDES 1998B, LEDES 1998BI, and LEDES 1998BI V2 billing.

Simple User Interface

Simple User Interface

Our software has been tested with legal assistants, secretaries and paralegals to ensure that our platform is robust with features, yet quick and easy to use. See for yourself — try it free today!


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