Get Your Law Firm Organized in 2013

As the final days of 2012 wind down, many of us find ourselves reflecting on the year, and thinking about setting new goals — both personally and professionally — for 2013.

No matter what business you’re in, when it comes to invoicing, the whole process can either be very complicated or quite simple, depending on how your workflows are set up. At Easy Legal Billing, our goal is to help attorneys and law firms be more organized. We’ve built powerful, robust tools to help you create and send invoices in just seconds, saving you valuable time and putting more money into your pocket!

Here are three ways we can help you simplify your legal billing process in the New Year.

1. Send all invoices from a single system

Are you currently using two separate systems to send invoices? It’s time to consolidate. If your client requires a specific file format, such as LEDES files, find a legal invoicing software that can provide you with a variety of file format options on a single system.

Invoicing all of your clients from the same software application means all of your data is stored in a single location, which makes searching for and accessing records that much quicker. In addition, using a unified system will save you time, keep you sane, and allow you to better serve your clients’ needs.

With Easy Legal Billing, you can create a custom legal invoice template using your company logo. Our system gives users the ability to create and send invoices via email, a PDF, a web link, a LEDES file, or even print a physical paper copy. All of these file formats can be created straight from our system — no additional software or programs are needed to generate the invoices.

2. Track billable hours more accurately with our time keeping app

Scribbling time in a notebook or spreadsheet is not the most efficient way to compile your billable hours. This method still requires you to input the data into your invoicing system. Eliminate this step from your process and let technology do the hard work for you! Use a time keeping app to serve as your desktop stopwatch while you work.

While there are an abundant supply of time tracker apps online, Easy Legal Billing created a time tracking app that allows you to bill hours as you perform the work. The time tracker integrates directly to your Easy Legal Billing account, giving you access to all of your clients, matters, and time from the desktop widget. In just a few clicks, you can commit the time from the app to your account online and see the new time record appear immediately.

No more shuffling through stacks of papers to find your time sheet. Let us do the heavy lifting for you and help you bill hours more accurately and efficiently. Plus, the app is free with an Easy Legal Billing subscription.

3. Quickly run robust reports

Running reports has never been easier. Filter by client, matter, timekeeper, expenses for a set period of time.

Use the data and info you discover to make smart business decisions.

Set yourself up for success in the New Year by following these easy steps to simplify your billing process. The best part of it all is that Easy Legal Billing offers all of these amazing features, and much more.

For additional information, take a tour and sign up for a free 15-day trial to see for yourself. We guarantee it’s the best legal billing software on the web — and we want you to agree. No obligation or credit card required.

Happy Holidays from the Easy Legal Billing Crew!

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