How to Create Ledes Format Invoices for Legal Billing

The most common question we get asked here at Easy Legal Billing is, “Does your software create LEDES invoices?” The answer is yes! And now we’ll show you how easy it is to create LEDES invoices for your clients using our ledes billing software.

There are currently three main LEDES billing formats in use. We support LEDES 1998B and LEDES 1998BI / 1998BI V2 formats.

This tutorial will walk you through step-by-step on how to create an invoice from beginning to end. If you already know how to use our software, but want specific instructions on producing the LEDES compliant file, skip to Step 5.

1. Start by Adding a New Client

Click the Clients button in the navigation bar, then click the Add a New Client button. This will ask you to fill in information about the client such as the company name, address, and website. Optionally, you can add the LEDES Client ID and Client Tax ID if needed.

2. Add New Matter

Now it’s time to record a Matter. Click the Add New Matter button and fill in the appropriate details about the case or activities related to the work being performed.

3. Track Time

After the Matter has been added, it’s time to track your billable hours. Click on the Track Time button in the navigation bar, then Choose the Client and a Matter.

Enter your time record and click Add Time. A new section will appear underneath that shows your current time records.

Check the box next to the time record to add it to a new or existing invoice.

4. Prepare Invoice

The time record that was just added now appears on a new invoice to send to the client. Fill out the necessary details and click Save Invoice.

5. Create LEDES Invoices

This screen shows you a preview of what the invoice will look like. To generate a LEDES file, use the drop down menu to select the type of LEDES file want, then click the link to Download LEDES File.

Our software will automatically create the LEDES compliant file for your client and save it in your downloads folder (unless specified otherwise by you).

That’s it! We hope you found this tutorial helpful. If you need more help, check out these related tutorials:

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