How To Make A Professional Legal Invoice Template

Do your legal invoices lack sophistication?  Are you looking to take your legal invoices to the next level?  Well Easy Legal Billing’s invoice generator can help you create best-in-class invoices with your branding.

Our professional account allows for users to add company logos to invoices, create PDFs and e-mail all invoices.  Here’s how:

Click on the “Settings” tab:

Click on the “Company Information and Logo” link:

Scroll Down to the “Your Company Logo” section:

File the logo file that you would like to place on your legal invoice template:

Select the image that you would like to show on the invoices.  Once your logo is selected, click the “Upload” button next to your file name.

Your logo should pull through now in the “Your Company Logo” section:

Make sure to click the “Update Profile” button to save this image.

Now, to test this, lets head to the “Invoices” section:

Click on any invoice and you should now see your logo show up in your invoice template!

It’s that easy!  So sign up for a free Easy Legal Billing trial today and start creating professional legal invoice templates easily!

Start Your Free Trial Today!
Free for 15 days & no credit card required.

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