How To Send A Legal Invoice With Attachments

So you have set up all of your timekeepers, legal matters and billing and want to send out your first legal invoice … here is the step by step plan on how to do so!  First, make sure all the information in the invoice is correct. If everything looks good, lets move on to the sending portion.

One thing to note is that pro members can add a logo to the invoice. If you do not currently have a logo, you will see the following image when looking at the invoce:

Click on the “add your logo button” or go directly to the logo settings page. At the bottom of this page, you can ad a logo and upload it to your account:

Once you have your logo added, your invoice should reflect the change and the logo should now be in the top left when viewing:

Now look in the right hand ‘Actions’ column and find the “Send Invoice” button:

By clicking on this button, you will be given the option of sending the invoice out as is, or attaching a LEDES file, attaching a .PDF file (pro users only) and including a message.  Select the specific file type that you are looking to send – whether it be a LEDES file or the .PDF invoice.

You can also use the yellow box to add a message for the recipient.  Once you have your options selected, click on the “Send Invoice” button.  Now you are done!  The invoice is sent off to your client, and they will receive a message that looks like this:

As you can see, the user is noted of the additional files attached in the yellow box, so that they won’t miss any downloads.  In case you ever wanted to see your invoice history, just go back to the invoice in question, and scroll down.  At the bottom of each invoice, a detailed description of all activity on the invoice can be found.  For example, here is what the invoice that we just sent would look like:

And that’s it!  So start sending out your invoices and attachments without a hitch.  Not a member yet?  Try our 100% free 30 day trial with no credit card required today!

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  1. Thomas Schmutz says:

    Can this system be used with Serengeti?

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