Introducing the New Desktop Time Tracker Application

Easy Legal Billing is proud to debut the new Desktop Time Tracking Application for current subscribers of our legal billing software. Users can find a link to download the free desktop time tracking app in the Tools section when logged in to Easy Legal Billing.

The Desktop Time Tracking Application integrates with your Easy Legal Billing account and automatically pulls in all of your clients, matters and timekeepers.

The new app will save you time and make time tracking even easier. There’s no need for you to scribble a start time and end time on a piece of paper that could easily be misplaced — just use our desktop stop watch!

Once time has been tracked, it can be committed to your online account in just one click. When you login to your Easy Legal Billing account, a new track time record will be waiting for you to invoice.

The Easy Legal Billing Time Tracker Application is so easy to use, and is a free feature with your subscription. Just download the app to your computer, login, and start tracking time immediately!

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    The good thing is, there does exist a great deal of free time monitoring and planning options to select from on the web, which are classified in accordance to various specifications and features.

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