Legal Billing Software for Macs and Apple Products

Easy Legal Billing is a secure 100% web based billing solution which allows for seamless use on Mac and Apple Computers. Most legal billing software is PC only due to the nature of the traditional desktop application. However, Easy Legal Billing is purely web-based and can help users looking for Mac legal billing solutions, as our software works on any internet connected device, work or home, personal or mobile. The inherent nature of the Easy Legal Billing platform lends itself to seamless usage on Macs, Windows based PCs, Linux computers and all Apple products!

So what makes our software different from everyone else? Easy Legal Billing was built to be used over the internet, not through an application installed on a desktop. The benefits of this system don’t stop at the Mac friendly nature, but also includes:

• Instant updates to the database – no syncing required
• High grade data encryption
• No need to install software on computers
• Easy access on any web-browser

If you are new to our software, Easy Legal Billing allows quick and easy creation and management of invoices on any internet connected device. With just the click of a button you can easily generate a variety of LEDES files which can quickly be sent to your client.

For a web based and secure legal billing solution for your Mac computer or Apple product, sign up for a 100% free trial of Easy Legal Billing today!

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