Mobile Apps Allow Lawyers, Law Firms To Do More With Less [INFOGRAPHIC]

Mobile devices make it easy and convenient to conduct work outside of the office virtually anywhere. Some devices, like a laptop, can provide greater functionality than a smartphone or tablet, for example. If you need to do some legal billing or invoicing, you might opt to do that on a laptop or computer versus your cell phone or tablet. However, if you need to something quick like skim email or read the news, a smartphone might be more useful to you.

For lawyers and attorneys, an iPhone, iPad, or an Android device with the right mobile applications can improve communication with clients and colleagues, maintain and enhance productivity by keeping projects on track, or even impress a client with a high-tech presentation. These are just a few examples of how legal professionals can take advantage of mobile technology to make their work more streamlined and easier to manages.

Find out how mobile impacts the daily needs of lawyers and law offices, and how using smartphones and tablets help bridge the gap by launching the infographic below.

Be sure to scroll to the bottom to catch our list of top-rated mobile apps for lawyers who use iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry devices!

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