New Feature – Client Specific Rates for Timekeepers

Easy Legal Billing now has a new feature that allows you to create client specific rates for timekeepers. This feature will make tracking time and invoices clients even easier. Here is how it works:

Click on the “Timekeeper” tab:

Select a current timekeeper or  click “Add New Timekeeper”.

Once you have selected a timekeeper or added a new timekeeper, you can start adding client specific rates.

Click on “Add a New Client Rate”

Drop down the “client” box and select the client you wish to set a specific rate for. Set a default rate for that client and then click “Save Client Rate”

The specific client rate will now be saved and can be used when tracking time for that client! To see how it works click on the “Track Time” tab.

Select the client you previously created the specific rate for and then select the matter you wish to track time for.

Create a new record for this client. When you select the timekeeper the specific rate should automatically fill in.

Click “Add time” and your new record will then be saved!

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