New Features – Retainer / Trust billing and Partial Payments

We are happy to announce some new features that some of you have been clamoring for.

Retainer Billing

With our new retainer (aka trust account) billing feature, you now have the ability to assign a retainer balance to each of your clients. From this retainer balance, you will be able to apply a credit on a per invoice basis. This credit will deduct from the clients retainer balance as long as funds are still available.

To use this feature, start by navigating to a client for which you would like to apply a retainer balance. Click on the “Modify Retainer” button at the top.

Next Click the “Add Money” button

Then enter the balance to would like to add and click “Add Retainer”

Now that you’ve successfully added a retainer balance to your client, you can now apply credits from this balance when creating invoices for the client. Simply click the “Apply Retainer” check box and enter the amount to apply. When you’re done, save the invoice.

It’s that easy!

NOTE: This feature is not meant to be an official record of a client’s retainer balance.

Partial Payments

You now have the ability to accept a partial payment on an invoice if necessary. To do so, start be viewing the invoice that you would like to apply a payment to, then click the “Apply Payment” button in the Action Bar on the right:

Enter the amount of the payment you are receiving and any notes you’d like to attach, then click the “Add Payment” button:

The payment has now been applied and is reflected in the invoice total. Note that the full amount of the invoice will still show in the upper right, but the outstanding balance will be shown in the subtotals of the invoice itself. You may now take action with the updated balance if desired, for example,  send a reminder to the client, resend the invoice, download the updated LEDES file, etc.

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