Password Recovery, Batch LEDES Files Download & New Reports – The April Update

We have a few new Easy Legal Billing features to share with you: forgot password recovery link, the ability to batch download LEDES files, and two new reports to help you stay organized with client billing and invoicing.

Password Recovery

There is now an easy way to recover your account password if you’ve forgotten it. Click on the forgot password link under the login form. You will be taken to a form that will ask you to enter the email address that you used to sign up for Easy Legal Billing. An email will be sent to you with a unique link that will allow you to reset your password.

If you’ve tried to reset your password and are still experiencing issues accessing Easy Legal Billing, please contact [email protected] or (443) EASY-BIL for customer support.

Batch Download LEDES Files

Some of our customers have requested the ability to download multiple LEDES files at once to speed up productivity and be more efficient. Now you can!

From your Invoices tab, click on the “Batch Actions” button.

A box will pop-up that contains several batch invoicing options available. To download several LEDES files at once, click the “Download” checkbox, then select the type of LEDES file that you wish to download. Just underneath the option, you will see a preview of the actions selected. When you are ready to proceed, click the Confirm button.

The batch of files will be zipped and automatically downloaded to your computer. Check the bottom of your web browser or your Downloads folder.

New Reporting Options

Finally, there are two new report options available to you in the Reports section: billing by timekeeper (daily) and timekeeper by client.

To access these new reports, click on the Reports link from the Dashboard on the right sidebar.

Select the report you want to run from the drop down menu.

That’s it!

If there’s another type of report that would help streamline your legal billing process, feel free to email your suggestions to us at [email protected].

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