Setting Timekeeper Default Rates & Rates Per Client

Many of our clients have contacted us asking how they can set a default rate per time keeper or by a specific client. This feature was added to make time tracking and legal billing even easier.

We’ll walk you through the steps.

Click on the Time Keepers tab in the Menu:

Select a current Time Keeper to edit or Add New Time Keeper. Edit the Default Rate field for that time keeper, or to add a client specific rate for that time keeper, choose “Add New Client Rate”.

We set the client specific rate for time keeper Jane Doe at $450/hr for the client FBook Corp Inc. Now, when you go to track time, you will see the client specific rate for a time keeper appear:

If John Doe needs to track time, but his default rate is $300/hr, his time will appear at that rate:

Once you’ve tracked your time, add the time to an invoice, and you’re all set!

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