Setting Up Multiple Attorneys and Timekeepers With Easy Legal Billing Software

One of the typical challenges in creating legal invoices for larger matters is entering in hours for multiple timekeepers, but Easy Legal makes it easy!  Our legal billing software allows for users to set up multiple timekeepers and assign hourly rates to each for easy invoice creation.

Here is an example of how you can set up multiple attorneys with Easy Legal Billing:

First, add in the TimeKeepers that you would like to use in the invoice:

LEDES Timekeeper Set Up

Then, click on the “Time Keepers” tab in the upper navigation.  You should then see all of your time keepers along with their rates.  Each of these time keepers are searchable and can be edited by clicking on the name.

Now click on the new invoice button in the upper right and start entering in the various items and be sure to select the proper time keepers using the drop down feature:

Now add in all of the various items from all of your time keepers.  This can always be edited if you have any changes.  Your invoice should look something like this (note the various attorneys and legal assistants that are used as timekeepers).

If any of the line items are not where you would like them to be feel free to sort by date or simply drag and drop legal line items where you would like:

TimeKeeper Drag and Drop

Once your invoice is created you can view the invoice by clicking on the “Invoices” tab then selecting the proper invoice:

TimeKeeper LEDES Invoice View

And that’s it!  You have successfully created a legal invoice with multiple attorneys/assistants/timekeepers.  Haven’t tried Easy Legal Billing yet?  No fear, sign up for a 100% free, no credit card required trial.

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