Software Update Details

This morning we released several updates to our software that should make using our system even easier and more intuitive. All of these features were the result of feedback from clients like you, so keep them coming!

Additions and Changes

  • Show last invoice number used across all clients on new invoices
  • Suggest the next incremental invoice number on new invoices based on previous
  • Added “Upon Receipt” to payment terms
  • If “None” is selected for payment term, don’t show payment terms on the Invoice
  • Changed the “Due Date” to “Invoice Date” on new invoices to allow control over the invoice date that appears
  • Added a “Year To Date” and “All Time” toggle option to the Quick stats on the dashboard
  • Created a new report to show Billing By Timekeeper, grouped by month, and summarized by week
  • Created a new report to show Billing By Timekeeper, grouped by week, and summarized by day

Along with other minor enhancements. We value your feedback and encourage you to submit your suggestions by emailing is at [email protected]

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