Tracking Time in Easy Legal Billing

We have launched a new feature in which makes entering time easier!  Now users can add time to matters right from our track time page instead of adding time as a line item in an invoice.  Here’s how it works:

Time Tracking Entry

Choose the correct client and matter from the drop downs to ensure that time is being tracked for the proper matter.

Add in the item date at a minimum, then optionally add the applicable LEDES task code, LEDES expense code and/or activity code, the billing type, and time keeper. Only the date is required, but the more information you add at this stage, the less you need to add when you create an invoice:

Other items such as expenses can be quickly added to matters, just make sure that the proper codes are used when applying the various records to each matter:

So head on over to the Track Time section for easy additions of time and expense tracking!

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