Legal Billing Formats

We offer a variety of billing/invoicing formats to suit just about everyone.

Send by E-mail

Our system was built from the ground up to support digital billing. You can send out your invoices as an e-mail to one or more client contacts in just a click. The e-mail will include a summary of the bill along with a link to a web viewable and printable invoice. Invoices sent via e-mail get paid a full week sooner on average than invoices by traditional mail!

Send as a PDF

Our invoices are able to be converted to PDF's instantly! You can even choose to attach a PDF version of the invoice to an e-mail and send them both together.

Send as web link

Give your clients the ability to see the invoice clearly in their web browser. A special client-only link to the invoice is available so that they only see what you want them to.

Print a paper copy

Need to send your invoices through the postal service? We've got you covered. You can print an invoice in just one click and mail it out to your client. When they send in payment, just log into your account and mark the invoice as paid. Simple.

Send as a LEDES file

If your client requires you to submit your invoices uses the LEDES billing format, there is no better system than ours for the task. Every invoice is capable of being downloaded as a LEDES file in a single click. You can event attach a LEDES file directly to the invoice e-mail for payment.

Why Choose Easy Legal Billing

Let our customers tell you why we're their top choice for legal invoicing software.

Quote 1

The Dashboard is my favorite feature, I can quickly see if anything is overdue and jump right into the invoice and add notes for my follow up.

Nancy NussbaumerHead of Finance from California
Quote 2

The simple boxes for LEDES or PDF attachments is really easy to use and the custom invoices look great. I would strongly recommend, thanks!

Tyra MunchLegal Assistant from New Jersey
Quote 3

We use your billing system because it is a cost effective way to provide LEDES billing invoices to our Insurance Company clients.

John GoodmanOffice Manager - Sacramento, CA


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