LEDES billing solved.

One cloud-based software for all of your firm’s time tracking, LEDES billing, and legal invoicing communications.

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Need a LEDES invoice right NOW?

Send us your invoice in PDF format and we’ll convert it for you.

Make billing easy with three straightforward steps.

Attorneys track time and matters
Populate an invoice, and select a LEDES or other billing standard
Send right away or schedule automatic billing

Simplify invoicing and get ahead with everything organized in one place.

Our cloud-based interface is accessible anywhere — which means no downloads are necessary, and all invoicing is paperless.

Immediately send invoices in LEDES, email, PDF, or print formats effortlessly customized with your law firm’s logo.

Intuitive and effective: attorneys or administrative staff can sign up and send an invoice in minutes with a 100% satisfaction rate.

I like the ease of use – there are no frills and it gets the job done (exactly how the name describes it does!)


Verified Reviewer

As a small practice, we were looking for a solution that could generate LEDES files. This software is straightforward and does what is advertised..


Alex B.

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Our resources page provides all of our frequently asked questions, tutorials, and legal industry insights to act as a guiding hand to get your law firm set up with LEDES billing.
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